Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Jayne Moore Talks About Her Future Plans

Jayne Moore wants to launch her own business in the near future. She has been designing and making jewelry as a hobby since 2009 and absolutely loves it. Jayne works independently on her unique pieces, sometimes finding herself “messing up” and having to go back to the drawing board. While most would find errors discouraging, Jayne is inspired by mistakes and sees them as an opportunity to improve on her skills; Jayne says, “I am starting small and learning as I go, but I have an army of brilliant women cheering me on, in fields such as production, business management and PR, and they all seem to believe in me more than I do myself.”

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore is hoping to get the ball rolling on selling some of her simple rings this year with a few signature pieces and a small line that captures what her style is all about; she says “I am a creative mind, and whilst I studied to be an accountant in my early years, I must admit now all such things ‘business’ loom larger than life and I have been hiding from it really, but 2014 marks the end of this procrastination, and this will hopefully be the year that that dream and my business gets off the ground.“

Jayne Moore

Modeling was not Jayne Moore’s first career choice; she says, “Modeling opened up a whole new world to me and inserted me right into a life I only ever thought I’d see from the outside. I guess I’ve never even really felt like “a model”, which has come with it’s challenges, as to walk into a casting with a room full of stunning people is intimidating, but I somehow keep booking these jobs and working with such incredible people that it keeps me afloat, though admittedly it still sometimes surprises me actually, haha, I’ve spent a decade waiting to be found out, but so far so good!” Read more at http://www.jaynemoore.com/

Jayne Moore

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