Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Typical Day in the Life of Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore is a successful British model who has mastered a solid routine to manage every day life with her super hectic work schedule. Jayne says, “I like my mornings, so I often get up about an hour and 20 minutes before leaving the house, feed my pup, and take her out for a walk around the village, either grabbing a coffee for our stroll or making a cup of tea to take back to bed for 5 minutes after a shower, it is after all the simple things in life! Then time to get going! Shoot days are varied, but I’m usually in the studio by 8 or 9 AM and into hair and make up where the magic happens!” She adds, “I love that hour or two to warm up and get to know or catch up with the team. There is often a lot of banter and conversation, and it always gets me in a good mood. Starting with the art director and photographer's vision, then, depending on what we are shooting, it’ll be a day of changes and experimenting with different moods, characters, shapes and expressions that reflect and compliment the product. It’s exciting to be part of that process and see it evolve on screen when it all comes together.”

Jayne Moore

“Most days, there are castings for upcoming work, so I will pick out an outfit that I think suits the clients/ photographers I am going to meet, and go for it! That first impression is important and I see every casting as an opportunity.” On days, where there are no castings, she says, “I like to sketch and design jewelry ideas, or go to the bench that I rent in Prospect Heights where I hash out ideas and experiment with jewelry designs.” Jayne Moore, like many chic career women loves to have a cup of tea after coming home from work. She then gets ready for her workout routine. She says, ”I like to run at sunset. So, sometimes in the summer, I go as late as 9 PM and it just feels amazing!” On days when Jayne is not working, she takes advantage of morning workouts because she is able to exercise a little longer and harder.

Jayne Moore

Read more about Jayne at http://www.jaynemoore.com/

Jayne Moore

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