Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jayne Moore Focuses On Inner Beauty

Jayne Moore is a British supermodel who has been regularly featured in leading fashion magazines, runways, photo-shoots and ad campaigns. She hails from Fleet, Hampshire, England. She has worked with companies like ASOS, L’Oreal and Cache, as well as with well-known photographers. She says that all this has played a big part in shaping her style and personality to make her fit for the modeling field.

 Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore believes that real beauty originates from looking after yourself properly and taking advantage of your inner beauty. She is of the view that true beauty emanates from within, and thus begin by feeding the body in the right way. She suggests that one should follow a well-balanced diet that includes having plenty of vegetables and fruits, and drinking a good amount of water. She says she knows it’s boring advice, but that water makes such a big difference in a person’s health as it vitalizes the body, flushes out any toxins and acts as a great moisturizer. She has made drinking water a compulsory part of her daily routine and she never skips drinking water no matter how busy she is. She says, “We all lead busy lives, so grab water when you can, and when the cold weather has you reaching for too many teas and coffees, switch the odd one out for hot water with a slice of lemon, or a chunk of mango, it’s surprisingly yum!.”

 Jayne Moore

When asked, what is beauty? Jayne Moore replies, “Beauty manifests in many ways, but ultimately I think it comes from within, how you operate and what's in your heart.” “Beauty is reflected within your appearance and exactly how can carry yourself and behave, we’ve all known “beautiful” people that suddenly seem ugly once their personality shows, and also someone who on first meeting might not seem “glossy magazine perfect”, but light up and radiate with so much beauty as you get to know them…” adds Jayne.

 Jayne Moore

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