Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Jayne Moore Shares Some Workout Tips to Get a Sexy Figure

Jayne Moore is a renowned British model based in New York. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and a sexy hourglass figure. She shares some workout tips that anyone can follow to get a figure like hers. Foremost, she likes running. Jayne says, “Run in the rain. Run when you’re mad. Run when you’re sad. When you learn to love the freedom of running, your sneakers become limitless, and you can take them anywhere and charge out that days issues.” Jayne doesn’t go anywhere without her sneaks, including on modeling trips to exotic locations. Her favorite workout regimen is running along the Hudson River, on the West Side of Manhattan.

Jayne Moore

She recommends if short on time even a 20-minute workout plan will make a difference. She says,”Do as much as you can in 20 minutes, go hard and make it count. In my experience 20 minutes is enough for the endorphins and oxytocin to start charging around your body, lifting your spirits and clearing your mind.” She suggests that one should bring a variety into one’s workout plans. “It’s important for your mind to keep things interesting, so exercise never becomes boring and a chore. Spice it up, do something cardio, do something resistance, do something balance and something stretch. Make it silly, sexy or burn off some rage.” she says.

Jayne Moore

For those who have shin splints, ankle, knee, hip, and back, shoulder, IT band weakness/ pain/ discomfort, Jayne Moore suggests the foam roller. Read more about her and see her gorgeous figure at

Jayne Moore

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